How the Program Works

360 PSG offers more than just content management platforms and web services. We provide complete private-label web solutions that start with sales and continue through delivery and support.

There are 4 key phases of implementation.

The engagement process begins with an introduction to your dedicated Channel Account Manager. Your Account Manager will work with you to evaluate the current state of your offered services and determine what products and services to include in your new solution. Your partner solution will be uniquely developed to meet the needs of your members.

This phase includes the introduction of 360 CMS and its optional components. This combination of product & services is the foundation of a long-lasting client relationship that drives results and revenues for your organization.

Upon completion of Phase 2, we will begin to offer the program to your constituents. Your account will be activated inside the 360 PSG Dashboard, collateral and marketing resources will be available for your use, and your sales team will have been trained and ready-to-go. Your service offering will be introduced and a simple order form, billing model, and support system will be in place to help you close the first sales.

As with any new offering, you must be prepared to evolve and change. Questions will arise, your sales team will need hand holding, and marketing materials and tactics may need to change. This final phase is in place to further and scale the tactics that worked during roll-out, and eliminate or change elements that detracted from growth. Adjustments may include adding services from our turnkey offerings, dropping underperforming packages, or generally growing/changing the sales team focus. This phase is also where you will start to promote your offering more actively, using contests and marketing campaigns, to expand your audience.

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