Referral Partner Options

Are you lacking the technical resources (programmers, designers, and support) necessary to offer web solutions, but want to expand your service offering? A referral-based partnership may be the answer!

Our referral partners come to us because they are:

  • Disappointed with their current revenue growth
  • Want to stand out from their competitors
  • Concerned by declining membership
  • Wanting to offer more value to their members and clients

In an effort to address these pains, 360 PSG offers three levels of referral partnership. Similar in process, the primary difference between the following solutions is whether 360 PSG is exposed as your web services partner or remains an anonymous extension of your organization.
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Generic-Label Partner

In a Generic-Label partnership, 360 PSG's provides unbranded web solutions to your your constituents at rates below retail. Sales, service, billing, and support will be conducted in collaboration with 360 PSG under the moniker: "Your Website Consultants." All support is executed using generically branded tools. Your organization receives a quarterly commission on services sold. 360 PSG remains an anonymous extension of your organization.

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Affinity Partner

The Affinity partnership was developed for organizations who wish to expand their service offerings and revenue stream, but have limited resources to do so. Your organization endorses 360 PSG as your exclusive "web consultant;" we co-market the program and develop, present and sell the solution at retail rates; as well as bill and support your end-users. Your organization receives a quarterly commission on all services sold from your leads.

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Affiliate Referral Partner

Our Affiliate program provides a seamless and passive revenue stream with a simple mouse click! You opt to try the program and receive a unique Affiliate Referral code. Once embedded on your website, members will be able to complete a request form for web services. When a member completes the form, they will be contacted by a 360 PSG Channel Account Manager. You receive a quarterly commission on any sales that originate from your link.