Revenue Opportunities

360 PSG's Partner Program has the ability to provide ongoing revenue streams, brand loyalty, and reduced attrition without breaking the bank. Based on industry averages,* your annual revenue stream can be substantial.

# of Enrollees Private-Label Partner Generic-Label Partner Affinity Partner Affiliate Partner
50 $94500 $9450 $9450 $5670
100 $189000 $18900 $18900 $11340
500 $945000 $94500 $94500 $56700
1000 $1890000 $189000 $189000 $113400

*Assuming each member purchases a website, 30% of enrollees select SEO, and 10% select social media. Industry averages are applied.

How You Make Money

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Private-Label Partnership

This solution, while requiring greater expertise and commitment from your organization, has the potential to yield the greatest margins.

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Generic-Label Partnership

The Generic-Label option allows your organization to offer web services to your membership, without needing to hire an in-house web team.

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Affinity Partnership

Our Affinity solution functions in the same manner as the Generic-Label partnership, with the exception that the 360 PSG brand is exposed.

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Affiliate Referral Partnership

This solution requires minimal commitment from your organization, and will generate ongoing revenue for as long as you care to promote 360 PSG's services.